Tomorrow Together

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This sofa is designed to respond to social isolation in older adults and to stimulate positive intergenerational interactions between the young and the elderly, in the context of the rise of intergenerational living arrangements. This piece of furniture introduces an organic intuitive playground that helps interrupt the sedentary behavior of seniors while engaging play, exploration and creativity that are so critical for the development of young children. The sofa solidifies cross-generational bonds by bringing a sense of joy and purpose through moments of skill sharing, story telling, and playing. I hope this project can orchestrate a conversation on how we design for the wellbeing of the elderly of today and brighten the days of seniors of tomorrow.

Opportunity analysis
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Holliday Kedik


Today we are living in an ageing and age-segregated society. According to NHS UK, more than a million older people regularly go over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member. Meanwhile, childcare costs are rising and caregivers are opting to keep children at home.


By bringing the old and the young together, the design proposal facilitates mutually-beneficial intergenerational interactions.


Elderly test participants reported that playing with children brought them a sense of joy and purpose and assisting them, physically and mentally, empowered them with a sense of achievement.


Let’s dream a future where we look forward to age.