Royal College of Art
2018 - 2019

This is a process journal of my last year at the Royal College of Art in Design Products. Documenting my design thinking, ideas, inspiration academic and personal projects.  


08.24.18  ::  
Gold living community in Tainchung



08.24.18 ::
Walden 7 by Ricardo Bofill

Ricardo Bofill designed Walden 7,  inspired by the book Walden Two,  to provide a solution to the problem of life in today's cities where there's a lack of community and lack of community activities. It consists of 16-storey complex clustered with 446 apartments grouped around 5 courtyards, 2 swimming pools and street-level shops–"Self sufficient city within a city". There's no centra ownership–residents are responsible of how the building is run. Neighbours band together for rooftop parties, cinema nights. Walden 7 provides a sense of interconnectivity between apartments. According to the residents, it is like living in a small village providing the sense of freedom and tranquility that you wouldn't have in a big city. 

A space that makes people feel free. Bofill's theory "The City in Space"

#modernhouse #urbanplanning #utopianhousing #futureliving #freethinking #interconnectivity #village #siheyuan #socialexperiment #flexibility

08.24.18 ::
Distributed Design Challenge x Tala

Distributed Design Projects and Tala will work with up to 10 emerging designers and makers that will use Tala's sustainable, LED bulbs as inspiration to create lighting fixtures that can be manufactured anywhere in the world, using accessible digital manufacturing techniques.

#flatpack #collapsible #readytoship #productionready  

Knauf and Brown's flat pack lamp.

Knauf and Brown's flat pack lamp.

02.14.19 ::

A documentary taken place in Colima, about 3 adult grandsons reunited together to take care of their 93 year old grandmother América when their father was under the trial of possible senior abuse. The brothers in rotation bathed her, fed her and took her for walks. The youngest grandson had the closest relationship with her. Moths later, they bribed the judge with 25,000 pesos, for an early release. However he refused to take care América with his children under one roof. The two younger brothers who refused to put her in a home move to a new place to care for her. Two years later, América passed away.

In the movie, América doesn’t like the cold hand of her grandson. Old people are sensitive temperature change. Lost her dignity when her two grandsons bathing her in a tub. Will I be ok to be cleaned by a male nurse?

#ageing #dignity