Pisque-Paque is a picnic blanket that can be folded into a backpack or vice versa. Inspired by Paul Jackson’s Folding Techniques for Designers, this backpack allows consumers to easily pack their food and drinks like a regular backpack, and then to expand the bag into a blanket only to find goodies already sitting in the center of the blanket. The size of the blanket is carefully studied to the size of a backpack, in order to fit ergonomically into one’s torso/frame. At the same time, it offers an area for 1-3 people to sit, or 1-2 people to lie down on. Designed for flexibility and durability, Pique-Paque is one’s everyday carry-all, grocery bag, backpack, and more. 

The use of a laser etching and cutting technique on 100% knitted polyester allows the fabric to be foldable and flexible. A cord is then interlayed along the edge of the blanket to ease the assembly of the blanket. The addition of the cord locks offers a top-load compartment/storage that is spacious and secure. The material is durable, and water-resistent with an anti-mosquito repellent finish in otder to offer a hassle free picnic experience. 

Expand: 48”L x 43.3”W
Collapse: 10.8”L x 7”W x 18.5”H

Working in progress