Pebble - Serving board + condiment

A CANVAS DESIGNED FOR YOU TO CREATE YOUR MASTERPIECE ON This collection consists of 7 uniquely shaped boards: 5 large platters, each including a porcelain dish, and 2 small platters, each including a porcelain cup. Each board is made from hard maple and finished with mineral oil. The natural grain of the wood on the surface of each board is complemented with the smooth, glossy finish of the porcelain dish. The color/tone does vary from board to board and is a result of the natural material. Each board has a curved edge that is made to fit one’s hand comfortably. Whether used for a feast or a snack, this collection possesses a timeless quality of form and function made perfect for any home.

Pebble 19x11

19" W x 10.75" D x 0.75" H
Pebble 15x12
15.25" W x 11.88" D x 0.75" H
Pebble 14x12 No.1
14" W x 12" D x 0.75" H
Pebble 14x12 No.2
14" W x 12" D x 0.75" H
Pebble 13x10
13.12" W x 10.31" D x 0.75" H
2.63" dia. x 1.5" H

- Hard maple and porcelain
- Platter conditioned with food grade mineral oil
- Dish: hand-glazed interior and exterior
- Dish: dishwasher safe but hand washing preferred
- Made in Montreal

Lead Time
1-2 weeks

Hand wash and dry only. Do not sit board in water or by a heat source. Moisturize often with food grade mineral oil. Sand surface with fine
sandpaper when wood fiber raises from moisture or water.

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PEBBLE 19x11
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